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Company Overview

Besuau is a software developer and publisher based in Barcelona. Founded in February 2020, Besuau aims to offer software products that people love to use.

The name Besuau is a literal translation of SOFT(suau)WARE(bé) into catalan. "Bé" and "suau" also evoke qualities we want our products have: good-finish, smooth(fast)-operation. Furthermore, "be suau" is the meaning of "bemoll" (soft B), the catalan name of the Flat music symbol that appears in the logo.

The Flat reference is symbolic of the desire to contribute to music practice and learning, being Besuau's first original product a music app.

Name of Company BESUAU S.L.U.
Date of Establishment February 7, 2020
Head Office Barcelona, Spain
Representative Founder Albert R. Farràs
Business Segments Development, sale and distribution of music software (approx. 90% of Net sales) as well as distribution of home video games (approx. 10% of Net sales)

History and Accomplishments (as of November 28, 2023)

2020 Feb Established BESUAU S.L.U.
Apr Published the platform game Fur Puppies
Earned the first sale
Jun Published the racing game Racing Spirit
Jul Released the first originally developed product DeluxeNote
Nov Released DeluxeNote 1.1
2021 Mar Released DeluxeNote 1.2
Jun Released DeluxeNote 1.3
2022 Apr Released DeluxeNote 1.4
2023 Jan Released DeluxeNote 1.5
Nov Released Recadre